Periodontal disease or pyorrhoea is an infection caused by bacteria between the gum and tooth. The build-up of bacterial plaque under the gum leads to the inflammation of adjacent tissue and, over time, bone loss.

Over 50% of those over the age of 35 have inflamed gums and 1 out of every 3 suffer from both gum inflammation and bone loss, which we call periodontitis. The most common signs are bleeding and receding gums, bad breath and tooth mobility. The treatment consists of eliminating the bacteria using disinfection techniques and advising on appropriate dental hygiene to be done at home.


  • Aesthetic crown lengthening (short teeth)

Teeth size varies from person to person and there is a balance between the white tooth enamel and pink gums. However, that may not always be the case, as there may be little enamel and a lot of gum tissue. This is called altered passive eruption.

It gives the perception of having short or wide teeth and may cause patients aesthetical issues.

To resolve the problem, crowns are lengthened so that there is harmony between the tooth enamel and the gums.

  • Gum regeneration

Receding gums can occur at any time during our lives. When people have receding gums, their top gums will be higher and their bottom gums will be lower, giving the impression of having long teeth. Platón Dental has experienced specialists who use microsurgical techniques that can regenerate lost gum tissue, offering long-term stability.

  • Bone regeneration

Periodontal disease causes the loss of tissue surrounding the teeth. If the appropriate treatment is not undertaken, the teeth will gradually lose their support until they eventually fall out.

Periodontal regeneration restores not only the bone, but also all the tissue surrounding the teeth, providing them with greater stability.

It is carried out using minimally invasive surgical techniques and highly studied biological materials, improving the prognosis of the teeth.

  • Periodontal maintenance

After treating periodontitis, we must acknowledge the need and importance of maintaining the gums to avoid relapses. Therefore, we at Platón Dental design a personalised maintenance programme for each patient in order to control their periodontal disease and other aspects of their oral health.