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blanqueamiento copia - Teeth whitening

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Before treatment

tratamiento blanqueante dientes - Teeth whitening

After treatment

Teeth whitening is one of the aesthetic dental treatments we provide at Platón Dental. It consists of applying a carbamide or hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied onto a customised tray, which is made using moulds, created by the Platón Dental team, of the patient’s mouth.

The treatment involves the use of potassium nitrate and fluoride. Therefore, it does not damage the enamel and it minimises tooth sensitivity.

The treatment is formulated to prevent teeth dehydration and subsequent decolourisation.

What does the treatment consist of?

The Platón Dental team explains the process to patients step-by-step, so they can do it correctly at home. The process is simple. A drop of whitening gel is applied onto each tray space (each one matching a tooth) and the patient places the tray onto his or her teeth.

The big advantage of at-home whitening is that the patient only needs to get the syringe to apply the gel onto the tray. As the moulds are already made, the process is much quicker.

On starting the at-home whitening treatment, the tray must be worn for five hours each day. As such, the best time to do it is at night, letting the treatment do its job.


Regular check-ups, using dental photographs, are carried out on commencement of the treatment to monitor its progress.

Case studies

Blanqueamiento dental en Mallorca
Dentistas en Mallorca


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* Normal treatment price: €290

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